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Sunday, May 31

Lately I've Been Glaring in the Mirrors

As a collective of strong female minds and a real sense of sisterhood. Wilma's Wish was born out of a true desire of my grandma (Wilma Jerrett) to appreciate this life and to be ever thankful for all those that offered their patience, forgiveness, and friendship.
I went to a screening of a film called Grief Walker last night and following the film Stephen Jenkinson said "we so carelessly throw around the term, friend. ex) After breaking up with someone we say "let's just be friends" as if it were some consolation prize". I thought of my grandma and Jenkinson's words in combo with my own strange twist on reality and understood that it has taken a village to bring this film to fruition and Wilma's Wish in fact thrives on the hugs, visions, and true grace of... others..... friends.
I invite you to pressure (pull it out of them with force) your own friends into voicing what makes them extremely happy, sad, freaked out, inspired because we go silent far too often.

Wednesday, May 27


Wednesday June 3rd, 7 PM


featuring Candy Lewis, New York Collage Artist



Múm, Sigur Rös, Bjork, Parachutes, Olafur Arnalds... to name a few

Painting from Celeste Keller
Items from Mongrel Media
Photo Sessions from Shelbie Vermette
Private Yoga Lessons with Anastasia Watson
Print from Global Aware
Original Jewelry Design from Tank Studios
Original Stenciled handbag from The Rage
Print from artist Chris Brett


Tuesday, May 26

wowed. ready for a repeat?

GeTtN cReAtIvE was a smashing success. People arrived early and left late, and the crowd was in cuttn bliss. We were so blown away by the response, that we decided that we have to host another. We are still making progress to raising funds for our June trip (20 days away...). Besides, this kind of fun needs repeat, repeat, repeat.

Oh, also, the cupcakes were bluishly divine!

We were so damn impressed by the innovative collages people put together. Some had handdrawn illustrations to accompany magazine cuttouts, some were on vynl records, others were on unique shapes of wood, one was a composition of watercolour temperment.

Whether it's the hunt of the images, or the final work itself, everybody revealed their imaginations. So. Cool.

We do have pictures to post, which will come later this week. In the meantime, take a look see at the heartwarming comments people left. Thank you, those who made these comments. It is you that encourage us to have another event! Get ready for Gettn Creative 2!

If you haven't heard already, go to, under "In Production," to find out more information about how you can donate. $25 and up recieves a tax receipt, and $50 and up will receive a personalized postcard sent from Iceland! If you know somebody who would love to be a cultural innovator, let them know about
Blueberry Soup!

Wednesday, May 20

no more scurvy


This is Bria reporting.

Sunshine is necessary to us. Biological molecules aside, and vitamin D without, sunshine is heavily missed in the winter days.

Lucky for us, we get to film in 24 hours of sunshine. In the middle of our visit in Iceland, June 21, Summer Solstice takes place. Reading about this while working from my basement makes this day look pretty darn exciting!

Taken from a few touristy sites, here are some ways for us to join the sun-filled day!

Go to Fjorukrain.

Attend one of the summer solstice bonfires.

Gather about 3 hours after sunset when the sun rises again for the celebration of the new Viking year.

Brave the cold like the locals, and take a naked roll in the fresh morning dew on midsummer day to celebrate the solstice.

Research is boring...? nuh uh.

Tuesday, May 19

On and On and On

There is a definite reason for all of this to happen. Don't you see it?
What's the film going to be about?

Let's just get there !

Sunday, May 17

Sometimes (just sometimes) I am floored and brought to tears by the generosity of others and their ability to know exactly what you need w/o you- saying- a- word.

This painting was donated to be auctioned off at the collage fun-raiser by a beautiful artist named
Celeste Keller

Wednesday, May 13

Economic Crisis Smisish

During the Collage Making Party planning out came older images and treatments of films of Wilma's Wishes past. Because it seems pretty fitting it's been decided that we are going to screen one of our first documentaries at the fun-raiser. The film is called "Cut & Paste" and it's a short film on the collage artist (Candy Lucas) whom started "collage nights" in her own home. She's freaking awesome!

Candy wrote yesterday just to check in and she mentioned how she will be taking the next four months off of work to create. She is like this, jobs are just a thing to put food on the table but the magic is in your head down to your hands. Has everyone else been noticing how this economic crisis is actually bringing us closer to our basic desires as humans?

Bear with us:
If the money isn't there, we have to get creative on how we spend our time. We get excited about making stuff again, cooking at home, and recycling what we already have. Call us crazy hippies but maybe we are onto something good. Can we get a heck yeah?!

We have this idea...

For over a year I (Eileen) have been moderating two kinds of social groups. One is a coffee meetup and the other is a collage group. It's a straight-forward as it sounds. The collage group has picked up steam and now includes people from all walks of life. Customers that just walk into the cafe to get their daily buzz look around at the dozens whittling away at their master pieces and say "wow, what is this"?

Bria and I are throwing a collage making party. I used to attend them at this amazing artists house (Candy Lucas) when I lived in New York but we now carry the torch over to May 22nd. It's the best feeling to see people making forgiving art. No ones an artist; everyones an artist.

If you live in Toronto you should come out of your shell and do something collaborative with a bunch of strangers. To reserve a spot wa-yyy ahead of time and save some moola RSVP at

Wednesday, May 6


I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone

Eileen Jerrett, hailing from New York, has crazy red hair and a badass sense of humour.

Bria Cole, slumming in Toronto, has a penchant for funky jewelry and brings nothing but spunk.

Amanda Feder, escaping from Montreal, has a kickass jacket and is a devout cinephile.

Here we are, putting together the radest project of the year, a trip to Iceland to get to the crux of how this economic crisis is affecting Icelanders. We are not in danger of boredom. To accompany this fact, we are hosting one ingenious fun-raiser on May 22nd. At the Merchants of Green Coffee, we are hosting Gettn' Creative Collage Fundraiser.

Watch here for the party aftermath
(look here about two days after... give us some recovery time)