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Wednesday, May 13

We have this idea...

For over a year I (Eileen) have been moderating two kinds of social groups. One is a coffee meetup and the other is a collage group. It's a straight-forward as it sounds. The collage group has picked up steam and now includes people from all walks of life. Customers that just walk into the cafe to get their daily buzz look around at the dozens whittling away at their master pieces and say "wow, what is this"?

Bria and I are throwing a collage making party. I used to attend them at this amazing artists house (Candy Lucas) when I lived in New York but we now carry the torch over to May 22nd. It's the best feeling to see people making forgiving art. No ones an artist; everyones an artist.

If you live in Toronto you should come out of your shell and do something collaborative with a bunch of strangers. To reserve a spot wa-yyy ahead of time and save some moola RSVP at

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