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Sunday, January 24

On the Right Path !   Wilma's Wish has had a whirl wind past 2 months. After the car accident in August I reclused myself into a world of TED talks and good coffee. I sat down with all the information we had collected up to date and the new found inspiration I had found through one impaticular TED talk from a designer named Tim Brown from this "think tank" called Ideo. He talked about a global movement towards "design thinking". This means taking innovation and applying it to our everyday lives not just to make things prettier but to make them more accesable. Well out of being a nerd, I wrote Mr. Brown and the lovely people that make up Ideo.
After a mind blowing Skype conference , Ideo is now working on Blueberry Soup with us!
Second wonderful blast of sunshine is this- many of you may remember an earlier post of ours on a conference we attended while in Iceland called "An End is a Start". If not then scroll down, you gots some catching up to do...
TED Talks: Ideas Worth SpreadingGannaca found the blog and asked what Blueberry Soup is all about and now we get to say with smiles spread widely, we are now in partnership with Gannaca as well in making this film! Both of these amazing groups are known globally for understanding "you don't have to be afraid of change, change is the new constant"and "that design is human centered". So we are literally experiencing a nation re-designing it's social/political/economically foundation. How amazing! Innovation through participation.
Wilma's Wish is documenting an epic movement and has been granted access to sit smack dab in the epicenter of history in the making.

   Things are wildly connecting and our minds are spinning from all the new discoveries. We are ON THE RIGHT TRACK! 

What are your thoughts on this Mr./Ms. reader?

Until next time, let me just leave you with this. Icelandic Pickled Rams’ Balls- Enjoy