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Sunday, May 31

Lately I've Been Glaring in the Mirrors

As a collective of strong female minds and a real sense of sisterhood. Wilma's Wish was born out of a true desire of my grandma (Wilma Jerrett) to appreciate this life and to be ever thankful for all those that offered their patience, forgiveness, and friendship.
I went to a screening of a film called Grief Walker last night and following the film Stephen Jenkinson said "we so carelessly throw around the term, friend. ex) After breaking up with someone we say "let's just be friends" as if it were some consolation prize". I thought of my grandma and Jenkinson's words in combo with my own strange twist on reality and understood that it has taken a village to bring this film to fruition and Wilma's Wish in fact thrives on the hugs, visions, and true grace of... others..... friends.
I invite you to pressure (pull it out of them with force) your own friends into voicing what makes them extremely happy, sad, freaked out, inspired because we go silent far too often.

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