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Sunday, February 5

Span of a Year

To me, Blueberry Soup is a documentary that hits close to home. I have traveled to Iceland for over 15 years. I´ve seen the rise and fall of the economy in a very short period of time. Every single person living in Iceland was blindsided by the financial crash of 2008. The rippling affect instigated riots, triggered suicides and spiked the unemployment rate from 1.6% to over 8% in the span of a and all of my Icelandic friends have a story.

When I first heard about Blueberry Soup - a documentary about the financial collapse in Iceland, I became immediately interested. I learned that the documentary was not just about the economic story but more specifically the personal stories shared by the local people. Without hesitation I made a financial contribution to the film. More than anything, I want the people of Iceland to be heard. Not the opinions of the government, not the media and not the rest of the world, just the people of Iceland.

-Karen Helena Wallington(Co-Producer of Blueberry Soup)

Bus Ride

We head to the bus terminal at an intersection that I had long ago memorized. There was a bit of a wait time, and we decided to get some candy. Normal candy choices for me would be fuzzy peaches, all sweet. Eileen spies some dark purple stars and purchases about 2o of them. She passes the bag around to all three of us. Steve sniffs it, I bite into it, and Eileen pops it into my mouth. Steve watched as my jaw looked confused, and Eileen looked offended and let the candy drop from her mouth. These stars were VERY salty. I laugh, even now, hearing Eileen say, “I’m going to give these to someone who hates life.”

-Bria Cole (Producer of Blueberry Soup)