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Tuesday, May 26

wowed. ready for a repeat?

GeTtN cReAtIvE was a smashing success. People arrived early and left late, and the crowd was in cuttn bliss. We were so blown away by the response, that we decided that we have to host another. We are still making progress to raising funds for our June trip (20 days away...). Besides, this kind of fun needs repeat, repeat, repeat.

Oh, also, the cupcakes were bluishly divine!

We were so damn impressed by the innovative collages people put together. Some had handdrawn illustrations to accompany magazine cuttouts, some were on vynl records, others were on unique shapes of wood, one was a composition of watercolour temperment.

Whether it's the hunt of the images, or the final work itself, everybody revealed their imaginations. So. Cool.

We do have pictures to post, which will come later this week. In the meantime, take a look see at the heartwarming comments people left. Thank you, those who made these comments. It is you that encourage us to have another event! Get ready for Gettn Creative 2!

If you haven't heard already, go to, under "In Production," to find out more information about how you can donate. $25 and up recieves a tax receipt, and $50 and up will receive a personalized postcard sent from Iceland! If you know somebody who would love to be a cultural innovator, let them know about
Blueberry Soup!

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