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Wednesday, May 6


I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone

Eileen Jerrett, hailing from New York, has crazy red hair and a badass sense of humour.

Bria Cole, slumming in Toronto, has a penchant for funky jewelry and brings nothing but spunk.

Amanda Feder, escaping from Montreal, has a kickass jacket and is a devout cinephile.

Here we are, putting together the radest project of the year, a trip to Iceland to get to the crux of how this economic crisis is affecting Icelanders. We are not in danger of boredom. To accompany this fact, we are hosting one ingenious fun-raiser on May 22nd. At the Merchants of Green Coffee, we are hosting Gettn' Creative Collage Fundraiser.

Watch here for the party aftermath
(look here about two days after... give us some recovery time)

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