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Thursday, September 3

Music Video's and Lemon Cake

I just love life. And that may
sound a bit too "Mary Poppins"
but .... that can't be so bad.

Over the past two months I have been looking at the research and filming we did in Iceland this summer.
Video's like this remind me (loudly) that there is a resounding enchantment to these expressions from this Island of 300,000.
Icelandic Animated Music Video (CLICK ME)

I want you to think about your favorite music video. Did it make you love the song? Did you love the song and so you can't help but love the video? Now think about a time when the video RUINED the song! Now that we have gone through a range of emotions, please turn on your Itunes, next play a song at random, now imagine from start to finish what the video would look like for this song.

We are so alive.

Wednesday, September 2

keeping on

sunshine demands you to be outdoors, absorbing.

in the wind-down, the mind picks up.

Reminders like this video shakes stagnant.

this gent is Olafur Arnalds.