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Wednesday, October 28

avoid getting hit by cars

Time to upkeep the narrative of Wilma's Wish's Icelandic experiences

We have been writing letters, attending voices of experience, joining up with screening events. it's funny how it is such a consistent part of our dailies. There's heavy anticipation. As we want to make this film, we also attempt active in the political knowledge of our global world. Social reform is riddled with questions and conversations continue. From these considerations, we have ideas for art installations. We will update on this as well once we get underway.

Vagueness aside, Eileen and I attended the Múm concert at the Opera House in Toronto last night. Smiles were on our faces the entire streetcar ride home.
Open this song in a new tab to listen as you read. (i wish i was more web savvy than giving internet cave-person instructions)

Opening acts can be a pain in the heels. For the time it takes to wait in line for a good spot(especially at general adm shows) and the two hour wait before the main act, one's feet can start to feel impatient. Some people show at concerts right when the main act begins, bypassing the openers completely.
When openers are good, it is fucking fantastic. Last night, at Múm's show, there was instrumental sounds from three members of Múm. SET CHANGE. There's three mics and Eileen turns to me, jaw open. "That's Sidri!" I look and he is tuning his guitar. How wicked, we had no idea. In June, we flagged down Sea Bear for a chance to interview, and we see Sidri again in a band of his own.

I like to seek out experimental music to see what chances people are taking. At times, experiment only works for a one-time novelty listen. It takes a certain type of resilient confidence in a musician to keep on making music that not many people would enjoy. To me, Sidri, or under the pseudonym of Sin Fang Bous, thrives and succeeds in sound-play. His live performance hooked up nerves in between the pillar of the neck and ears and inversed them towards the toes. What sensory magic! Alternating between three mics, his songs imprint a memory.

So unexpected and great. Hellos, how are you and safe touring travels wishes were exchanged. See soon, maybe?

Múm exceeded expectations. Ongoing joy, hip rocking and pivotal vocals. All of them have such talent, able to alternative between blow keyboards, whistles, harmonicas and vocal ranges. And the drummer hit percussion with innate precision. Great great show. Crema on the coffee:: a song along as the last song. A woman carried out bright bristol boards to prompt the audience. Beautiful handwriting Múm, I have typography envy. All this morning, I have been singing an abridged version of that song.

so beautiful. so fucking beautiful. sing along to songs you don't know.

Catch them on tour if you can!