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Wednesday, May 13

Economic Crisis Smisish

During the Collage Making Party planning out came older images and treatments of films of Wilma's Wishes past. Because it seems pretty fitting it's been decided that we are going to screen one of our first documentaries at the fun-raiser. The film is called "Cut & Paste" and it's a short film on the collage artist (Candy Lucas) whom started "collage nights" in her own home. She's freaking awesome!

Candy wrote yesterday just to check in and she mentioned how she will be taking the next four months off of work to create. She is like this, jobs are just a thing to put food on the table but the magic is in your head down to your hands. Has everyone else been noticing how this economic crisis is actually bringing us closer to our basic desires as humans?

Bear with us:
If the money isn't there, we have to get creative on how we spend our time. We get excited about making stuff again, cooking at home, and recycling what we already have. Call us crazy hippies but maybe we are onto something good. Can we get a heck yeah?!

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