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Wednesday, December 22

Chances are, it's better with you

With the amazing online tool Kickstarter, Wilma's Wish Productions was able to launch a platform to fuindraise for our second film shoot in Iceland. The best thing that could have happened for our little project born out of a insatiable love for Iceland and it's creativity. Just in time for the holidays, we would like to thank our patrons. Each individual pushed the wave of our filmmaking tide. These cultural contributors who donated to our film, 

Karen Helena Wallington
Gail Einarson-McCleery 
Amy Jerrett
Chris Gostling
Lori Grace
Michael Evans
James Lovich    
Jamie Sanchez
Chelsea Muth
Brett Brownell
Lynne Thorkelsson
Carol Westdal
Ronley Teper
Joseph Seliga
Kathleen MacKey
Kathleen Chung
Fin Hirschoff 

Anna G. Torfadottir
Catherine Raphael
Ernie Sears
Heidi Williams
Ilona Biro
Paul Robinson
Douglas Dankel
Ann Ten Cate
Kieth Collins
Adam Brown
Donna and Ted Jerrett

thank you.