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Wednesday, May 20

no more scurvy


This is Bria reporting.

Sunshine is necessary to us. Biological molecules aside, and vitamin D without, sunshine is heavily missed in the winter days.

Lucky for us, we get to film in 24 hours of sunshine. In the middle of our visit in Iceland, June 21, Summer Solstice takes place. Reading about this while working from my basement makes this day look pretty darn exciting!

Taken from a few touristy sites, here are some ways for us to join the sun-filled day!

Go to Fjorukrain.

Attend one of the summer solstice bonfires.

Gather about 3 hours after sunset when the sun rises again for the celebration of the new Viking year.

Brave the cold like the locals, and take a naked roll in the fresh morning dew on midsummer day to celebrate the solstice.

Research is boring...? nuh uh.

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