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Monday, August 30

October is the month of Smiles~!

What have the Wilma's Wish chicks been up to for the past couple months? Well let me tell you- inspiration and madness!
 We are going back to Iceland October 1st to begin the "meat and potatoes" of Blueberry Soup
I will be living in a fascinating place. It's an artist residency where a number of Icelandic artists from different mediums live and create under the same roof. I will be sharing a studio and a home with these creatives and blogging about it the whole time. 
   We made a scary but exciting decision pertaining to the film a couple months ago: taking a large film crew isn't really our style and feels invasive, particularly when it comes to subject matter that is so personal to the people we are interviewing. So... I will be heading to Iceland alone for the first 2 weeks to explore, ask questions, and see where those questions lead us. I am so thrilled to follow this trail and from what we have seen so far I think you are going to be shocked by what is cooking in Iceland right now.  Haven't you wondered how a community of people would get out of a crisis if left completely to their own devices? Well buddy, we are going to find out!
So what's in store?? An international music festival, a conference centered around "design thinking" for change, and so much beautiful art, landscapes, sheep yogurt.... did you pee a little right there too? 

    By week 3 our out of this world award winning cinematographer Steve Whitehead will be joining me and like a lit rocket we will be filming and unturning each and every stone (well.. most). Steve has this incredible way of putting things we may over look in everyday life into a frame that makes life feel like a very magical place to exist in. So to say the least, we are about to make something really lovely. 

If you have itchy fingers in your deep awesome pockets and feel like helping, we have some cool Icelandic stuff to give you in return. This Wednesday we will be launching our funding campaign for the little we need to get to this part of our journey.  

Join us on the voyage! Once in Iceland I will start posting every other day. I welcome your comments b/c we are like the film, stronger with a sense of community. 
See you in Iceland!