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Sunday, May 8

Windy Bright Nights

The wind is strong today. I saw a woman attempting to stroll along the ocean side with her dress flying up and giving the gulls a peep show.

A friend of mine in Iceland said that he only knows one person who is in danger of losing his home. And while talking about it his friend realized that if he took out nearly 100% loans for everything in his home then essentially he was... renting. And that somehow eases the panes of losing control over belongings. I thought that was such a neat realization to come to.

There is an area out near the lighthouse where you can see these wooden triangular structures from really far away. They were used to dry fish. I have seen a lot of useful antiquitous contraptions near the sea side here. This particular area however comes with strong warnings. This is the season the neighborhood birds start laying there eggs and they get mighty defensive of their chosen area. There are few things that are as scary as angry birds, just to name a few:
1) Raccoons
2) Cucumbers
3) Cars
I will not be visiting during this time as to allow these birds enough time to prep their spawn.

I've had the darndest time trying to sleep here. You know that feeling you get when the days get longer and all of a sudden it's 8pm and still really light out? Those are the nights you feel like time is on your side and fun is on the horizon. So imagine it not actually getting any darker than the picture below. That picture is taken at midnight. I had my legs in a tiny hot spring right amongst the rocks looking out at the ocean and it's not a situation I could have planned but I was small in comparison to it's serenity. 

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