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Thursday, May 5

In a place far far away there is coffee

             It's day one and Reykjavik is pumped full of sunshine and clean ocean smells. 
I fumbled my jet lagged self into a cafe just shutting down for the day and I must have looked like a mess because the barrista said "ok, just one more". I then hobbled over to a friends house whom I always get lost trying to find but this one just this one time I found it!
So today you have been dream like.
I am staying near the ocean and at night there is this really thin road that cars race up and down for hours. When I was little we could hear the racetrack from two towns away, that's how silent the country is. This makes me feel safe.

Yesterday was bright and warm and today is rainy and chilly. I'm sure as anyone living in the Northern part of North America knows, we don't count on the weather being anything but unpredictable. So Iceland's weather makes sense to me. Then I came across this on my walk today and thought it was pretty spot on!

I went to pet a fluffy awesome cat today on the sidewalk JUST to see if anything had changed... NOPE!
Cats are still mean as snakes here.
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Next week is when the real "meat and potatoes" begins (i.e. interviews, meetings, gatherings etc.)
And so this week I am going to slowly move into focus and be really greatful I am finally ready... ready to finish this film.

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