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Monday, May 2

Canadian politics inspired by an Icelandic Comedian

Tonight we went to a screening of the Icelandic documentary Gnarr. The film is the true story of one of Iceland's most popular comedians becoming the mayor of Reykjavik. Screening this film in Toronto couldn't have been timed better. I leave for Iceland tomorrow to document the re-writing of the Icelandic constitution AND tomorrow is a very important election day in Canada.

I have been hearing so much hope in the air about this federal election!  I can only keep all my toes, eyes, fingers, and.... well anything else I can find crossed that you too will experience the surge of excitement that so many of us felt when we got Obama. And that citizens of Reykjavik felt with Gnarr.

The theme of the film Gnarr was that absolutely ANYTHING can happen if you get enough people behind it. One woman in the audience asked during the Q+A "Is this real, did this really happen?"  There was a this really neat laughter that came over the crowd as sort of a comradery that we would love to see that happen in Canada.  One person said "wow, I am moving to Iceland". But I feel we can't  just leave our countries because we are in troubled times, we all live in countries right now where amazing change is possible.
As outlandish as electing a comedian politician sounds it actually was proof that the voters do have a say in the decisions being made. And as said in the film there are some very difficult issues on the horizon but if we can find a way to laugh and find joy while working through them then life won't feel unbearable.
I will make this short, as I have not packed yet. I hope for you tomorrow Canada that you don't feel defeated before you even reach the polls. Please use your voice and the power of your vote to say something about where you want your country to go. There are some scary issues on the table right now socially, economically, and environmentally and Canada you stand as a global example.
Be loud tomorrow!

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