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Thursday, October 14

Music in Iceland Day One

If you are part of the school of thought that all Icelandic music sounds like Bjork and Sigur Ros *
you would be an upset panda to know, they are a rarity... even in Iceland. I guess this stereotype is also a sore spot for some Icelanders. Tourists often come and seem disappointed by the lack of bjorkyness in the air. But please don't let that ruin it for you because there are actually many bands in Iceland that will make you laugh, boogie, sway, and tear up. This band for example (shot today at one of the concerts)

 This week I am lucky enough to be around for the Iceland Airwaves and with a media pass.

What does this mean? It means that I will be able to report directly from dozens of shows featuring Icelandic musicians. These are happy times for me because this lass has spent many hours in Toronto watching Icelandic musicians playing on podcasts and thought "one day my eyes will really see this and my ears will really hear this"

I will have much more to report in the next couple days and you can delight with me in Icelandic tunes. 

Speaking of pretty things to the ears. There is this sound that I have heard a lot since I have arrived. The sound is something Icelandic women often do when talking, they breath in and speak as well as breath out and speak. It's really gentle and quiet and I have most commonly heard the word já (which sounds like "yow"). A friend told me today that it is a bit of a faux pas to do but I find it very beautiful. 
(Disclaimer: It is all up to taste, there are some bands I do not stand behind- if you find a bad Icelandic band do not come to me with angry pointing fingers). 

And lastly, this morning I woke up to this at the kitchen window. It looks like a dragon. 

*(if you don't know who they are click BJORK and/or SIGUR ROS)

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