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Wednesday, October 20

Airwaves on the Quietest of Days

On the quietest of days I am curled up in a warm cafe, picture windows make the whole rainy city a dry lovely moving picture. People walk in, they don't know me, I don't know them, it's sad and nice married. I start to reflect and try to channel a hemmingway frame of mind. And as I put the pen (<<<< Amiina)to paper to write my first analogy, I dip my entire necklace in my Americano- tipping it over and soiling my rainy day in a cafe dress. Grace has left me today. And I shut my journal.

There are two kinds of events going on at the Airwaves Festival (music).
1) Large bands from all over the globe (many Icelandic) at a variety of venues. The festival is sold-out so it's a crowded pushing fiesta (normal show).
2) Off-venue shows: which are fantastic! Many of the bands from the main line-up played free acoustic shows sprawling from a small cafe to a youth hostel. This gave me the chance to see these artists I have loved for years, close + personal, just the way I wish all shows could be.

Imagine having your dream playlist. These are the songs make you sing along the hardest, the muse to your strongest ideas, and your escape when you're about to burst from the "real world. Now imagine two of those songs are sung inches from you in person. This is what happened to me this week:
These are the original versions that I used to play over-and-over:
1) Lay Low- By and By
2) Svavar Knutur- Emotional Anorexic

And here is the video that I was able to take of those same songs just this last week!!

Below I am going to take you through what I saw and felt during this high impact few days. Grab any of these band names and look them up, you may have a new favorite (I would be willing to bet on it)




(Olafur Arnalds)

  (Lay Low)                                                                                          


(Hafdis Huld)


(Blood group)

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