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Sunday, October 10

Yoko's Imagine Peace Tower

On John Lennon's 70th Birthday (October 9th, 2010) Yoko Ono turned on the lights to her memorial to Lennon called the "Imagine Peace Tower".

I didn't bring a camera for the lighting ... I know that may sound weird being a documentarian but I thought it was more respectful to just tell you what happened and not add light (flash) that would distract from the focal light (the memorial). The images on this post are borrowed for reference purposes. We will however be filming there in one week, so do not fret.

I however wanted to bring you with me on the experience so I kept notes on the back of a receipt as not to forget the many feelings/thoughts.

I preface this with: I am not a hard-hitting Lennon, Yoko, nor Beatles fan...sorry
It felt really amazing to be there.
The light installation is located on a tiny island off of the coast of Reykjavik called Viðey 
Yoko paid for free ferry rides for everyone and the big ol tug boat started puttering us towards the rolling hills of Videy. As we are approaching I am trying to think of why Yoko chose here? In an interview she said "Thank you, Iceland and Icelanders for being what you are – a family of wisdom, showing the world how we can protect our Earth and its spirits." 
        I like this story too- Yoko told an audience once that Lennon used to smoke and she said to him "why would you put that ugly black smoke up into that beautiful blue sky" and then ...he quit smoking.

  Can you imagine living your life for a partnership without your partner? This is what hit me tonight. Yoko is still doing the work that they both set out to do and it sank my heart. Maybe because I couldn't fathom the weight of such a loss or that I felt such admiration for her unbridled dedication. And to have this huge (car show times 20) light beam straight into the sky, seems to be the most symbolic way to speak to the heavens (with out trying to denote any religion) and say "I am doing our work".

I went alone. I thought maybe I could hear her message clearer if I wasn't filling the air with mindless chatter. You know all those times we think of questions to ask just to say "something"?
I kept thinking of a quote I read of hers while I was sitting quietly in the tall grass:
"May all of us heal ourselves and learn to love each other in peace."

All sorts of people came. I could hear at least five different languages. Munchkins ran around and fearlessly threw themselves at the ground falling flawlessly into somersaults. There was no pushing or crowding. Some brought sandwiches and some just laid flat back and stared at the sky.
The island was exactly how you would want it to feel to sit with nature. Each footstep sounded like you were walking on a wooden box and the long grass bowed in a wave every time the sea shifted. I loved it so much. I haven't been this quiet with my mind... maybe ever.

The first beam of light shot up in the air with no warning and it was awesome. It was a soft light so you didn't have to squint. The second, then the third, fourth, each one was followed by "ohhhs" and "ahhs". All of the light beams together formed one unified beam at the top that pierced through any possible cloud. 
When we were standing in line for the ferry to leave I wondered if people would push and bully their way to the front, totally ignoring the premise of "peace". And to my delight, no one did. Then from the back I can feel someone forcing through and low and behold it's a camera man

... shame on you media man. 

I wanted to have a better understanding of their relationship and Lennon's life after this and so I found this short documentary on the life of Lennon. (link)
 Goodnight lovely eyes. 


  1. One of my favorite singers from a band called Hraun sang at the lighting ceremony. Double awesome night!

  2. Beautiful contribution and event <3 thank you