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Tuesday, June 23

Two Holes in my Teeeshirt

Yesterday was a day of speak.

The cool part about documentary filmmaking is as follows:

Spend months, reading about complex pathways of a culture you barely know about. Then, follow the daily news, hearing about names and guessing people's reactions. Then, meet people in the culture and piece together your ideas. Comes the day to meet an eloquent gentleman who very clearly summarizes different facets of culture to explain the situation in one neat package. As if someone was telling your mind to the camera.

Aw hells yeah.

This happened when we spoke with Bendict from Iceland Review. We were so lucky to meet him and few of the staff at the office. Clarity comes by the day.

Then we get down to the nitty gritty of economics with a fellow named Andreas.

Hungry bellies chase us to the One Woman Restaurant, a veggie restaurant right downtown (VEGGIE ALERT! RECOMMENDED!) Hit the roads and hit the bad-dunks.

Today, we reunited with Inga over coffee and cakes. Familiar faces in a new country makes ease.

We randomly run into Sea Bear. Picture Eileen all giddy, telling me that we have to run up a hill. Without question, we jog in heels, trying not to sound creepy and grab their attention. With as much respect and muted excitement we can muster, we agree to meet tomorrow at their studio. How great! Live music with some of the world's talented musicians.

We meet with an Icelandic production company and found some excellent news. Keep posted.

One more time to One Woman Restaurant and we hit home. A day of business and less of sights.

Oh mountains, waterfalls, and bridges away from cities.

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