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Wednesday, June 24

iced pond drink

from a rad vintage store in downtown

Complaints from our readers demand more pictures. And images you will have!

How to sum up today?

In Sea Bear's studio to Indian food (the northmost restaurant for India!) They were very thoughtful and nice people. Music in their country comes from an innate community. Someone knows another who plays this and another with that intrument. They meet for sounds and talent builds.

Last night, people rolled naked down dewy hills. We missed the tradition! Maybe it might have been a bit uncomfortable....


At the Kaffibarn, we meet Olafur Arnalds. We get this amazing private setting to interview him and it looks like he will be laying the soundtrack down for our doc.

There are so many people kite sailing today. I wish I could join!!

Last night, we all walked into mountains at midnight. This below photo is taken literally at midnight. Wild horses were there; pat pat pat....

Blue Lagoooooon - here we come.

How is it possible to be on the same page?


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