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Monday, October 4

You are in Control Conference

I am here!! This big boat is my neighbor.... well there are houses too.
I have spent the last two days at an intense design/artist/thinker conference called "You are In Control". Some of our strongest innovative movers and shakers were speaking at this conference and I have to say what a cool way to kick off this adventure. 

If you were wondering if you can be vegan in Iceland.... the answer is, YES~

It's good to be reminded that there are incredible/valuable actions being taken to help the things in this world that make us feel powerless. This particular talk was from Thomas Ermacora, I am not going to give you his bio because you can find that through this link but what I can say that I took out of this is the value of taking a chance on ideas but even more so, taking a chance on working with someone else on ideas. This means if you see a problem, it's taking the initiative to pick up the tools necessary and change it. Thomas is collaborating with Imogen Heap in a project much like the cool things happening here in Iceland. Check out this interview with Thomas 

This conference mentioned over and over how Icelandic music stands apart and therefore needs to be given as much support and credit as the other major industries in Iceland. The type of music and art that has been coming out of Iceland in the past 8 years is exactly what drew me there. Throughout the conference the coffee and meal breaks were partnered with incredible new Icelandic music. I was in awe. I think you may be too. Check out this one band called Mammut. 

Do you know who this is? Oh it's only one of the most influential documentary filmmakers of our time. Remember the film Manufacturing Consent? Yes this (on the left) man left me with a million thoughts swirling around as he ran a multi-media poetry esc. presentation. If you have never seen Manufacturing Consent he has put the entire film online for all to see for free. It's not peppy but I find myself referencing it often. 

Imogen Heap was one of the speakers as well. She presented the strategy she used while making her last album. *If you haven't heard of her Look here, maybe you have and just didn't know her name 
                       LIVE IMOGEN HEAP VIDEO
By use of social media (Twitter) she was able to get the opinions of her fans in the very vulnerable points of creation. The fresh thoughts actually helped her blast out of her funk and produce a beautiful new body of work. And this is what I took away from this conference at large: we are not above each other we all just have different directions, tools, and eyes. By working with other's and their tools, we have a really good chance of getting out of economic, environmental, social catastrophes. And if I am wrong... well I am not, because it's happening as you put your pretty head on your pillow tonight. 

I was able to get a interview with Imogen Heap but that my friend will be saved for the film. 
More to come. 

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