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Thursday, September 30

Day One

 Day one 

I'm here!!!!!!!! (Just a little pause to scream that)
    The flight was a smooth monkey.  It felt like the fastest flight I have ever been on. Maybe that's because of how long it has taken to get here. We land and in my sleepy daze the airline starts playing one of my favorite Icelandic artists, Laylow. You can click on this link and listen along while you read the rest of the blog and then somehow we will be experiencing this together (in a multi-sensory way). 

Meat and Potatoes; Landing
 I felt like a secret agent. The directions were to go to the bus, take that for an hour through the lava fields, second pick up harry potter looking key from bus station counter with my name on it, third take a cab to location. I walked up through flights of stairs, each floor holding another cluster of artists studios. I am staying at the SIM artist residency located on the ocean. For those of you who don't know I started this project almost 3 years ago to focus on the type of art coming out of Iceland... serendipitous aka perfect. 

I started to walk into the city center and noticed how each house I passed had walls chalked full of art. The houses are what you may imagine in a Nordic country. They are in tight rows in bright colors on bendy streets. Yes I may be a creepo gazing into the windows of unsuspecting Icelanders but I couldn't help it. I went to the one of 3 vegetarian places in town and had a happy plate of goodness. And THEN.... in comes one of my all time favorite Icelandic musicians singer of the band Hjaltalin
And she just sits down. And I stare. She looks up. I stop staring. 
This is a magical place. 

Tomorrow is the You Are in Control Conference. Imogen Heap will be performing an improve piece and a handful of our worlds most innovative thinkers will be there speaking on Iceland's role in the creative global community. I feel this is the turning point in the story, after this conference we will be coming into this with the vernacular and ideas that make entire nations change their course. I am excited so much so I could jump out of my skin. 

Tomorrow we will have pictures and more fun. Stay tuned. 

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