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Tuesday, June 30

Scary Birds are Everywhere!

Bria and I had a meeting last week with the Film Centre in the center of the city. The building was this massive glass structure and the inside made me feel like the Jetsons would go zooming by any second. Everyone there was well dressed, which seems to be a common theme in Icelandic businesses, super slick attire. This sculpture was on the wall and Bria gazed at it with her "designers daughter like awe". Art is just everywhere in this country and maybe I need to look harder but it seems much more concentrated here than anywhere I have seen before. Have you ever wondered what hell looks like? Well take a gander at this painting. In hell all the creatures would look like this bird (I am guessing here).

I thought maybe when I left Iceland that it would feel empty and maybe I would even tear up a bit. This was such an important first step towards our journey so maybe I understood that and took in all that had happened and how lucky we were to even get this chance to be witness to how this nation is going to make change out of crisis.

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