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Monday, June 29

Field of Art

I am not really a person that can think linearly... thoughts come in blips and bleeps.
I sit here with my "bush fire" iced tea from a last minute cafe before Bria and I leaped back to the hotel. There are so freaking many strange and beautiful coincidences that happened in this adventure. So ... throughout this next week. I will indulge in the memory banks and hopefully you will find it as magical as it was to experience.

Anna Torfadottir, a native Icelander, amazing print maker (website), and great friend to us during this production took us to this site... The artist (I am looking for his name and will post it up when I recover it) had so many of these aluminum sculptures that he donated them. So imagine this; you are driving down what seems to be a pretty everyday type of road with grassy fields then you come over this hill and POW, a hillside of massive silver shapes!

I loved this.

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