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Saturday, June 20

Bulldozed homes and Last day at the Viking

What a strange adventure today....
e manager of the hotel took us for a personalized tour of the town.
There are these purple flowers that are so pretty but to find out they are weeds and they are taking over the island and no one knows how to get rid of them.
The day was very much like the cold windy late October days we get in Toronto/New York.

While driving we heard that the day we arrived in Iceland, there was a man who has been one of the many that has had their home repossessed by the bank (from the crash). So on Iceland's Independence Day he rented a bulldozer and bulldozed the house down. Here is the aftermath...

Horses are a big here: Bria found out that the horses are so special here that many are exported but they can never return b/c they may taint the native horses. How sad...

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