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Monday, April 11

Kicking our Butts to Iceland

We are going back to Iceland for all of May! As we mentioned in the last post, Iceland has officially decided to keep the constitutional assembly and now call it the "constitutional council". We are going to document the re-writing of the Icelandic constitution. These are very exciting changing times and I cannot wait to share what we find (or what finds us).
I was asked why we haven't gone the route of large scale sponsors this is how we responded:
Part of why we are doing this in such a direct way is to embrace how a community of people can make the unimaginable happen. So far the entire process (3yrs of research and filming) has been supported and strengthened by a network of people who wanted to see a vision come to fruition. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were able to make this film that is about community and the power of alternative thinking through those same methods?


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