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Monday, November 8

Re-writing a Constitution

          Did you know Iceland is re-writing their constitution? It's actually incredible. On November 27th Iceland will hold elections for candidates interested in being the authors of the new constitution. The election process is interesting in itself; current politicians are not allowed to run and to discourage special interest  groups from using heaps of money to campaign, many candidates are running on the platform: "commercials are lame but Facebook and other social media forums are cool". There are 532 running but only 31 seats.
We went to one of the meetings where 50 of the 532 canidates were given a chance to state their background and platform (this is one in a series of these meetings. IF they tried giving all candidates a chance to speak in one sitting it would've taken a full 48 hours to get through all 532 presenters). The entire event was in Icelandic (as it should be) but we had a good friend giving us periodic translated "cliff notes".
People came from varying occupations, ages, and areas in the country, all interested in seeing a change for their country.

  The writing process will take in between 2-4 months and then the draft will be handed over to parliament.
It's actually shocking how little international press there is on the re-writing of the constitution. I feel this is one of those incredible historic events that happens rarely in ones lifetime. Don't you?
When was the last time YOU were around for the re-writing of a constitution? And better yet this is being written by the people. I am eagerly awaiting. What does that look like? If given the chance what would we state as the fundamental principles of our nation? I will keep reporting on this and the various stages the constitution must go through before it's declaration. .

Here is a short video of the meeting we attended. 


Until next time please have a happy Monday and know cool things are happening

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