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Tuesday, October 5

Iceland on top of a Mountain

                          I have had the most vivid dreams since I landed here... 
Walking around the city and sitting in conference rooms hasn't helped me connect why. 
This day did though:

One car-Pancake snacks (literally folded up pancakes)- and non-stop jaw dropping scenery. 
Please let me preface this section with this: I do not like hype or talking about what's just popular. Now we all know that Iceland is beautiful and have heard of it's unique landscapes. Maybe I am becoming a bit jaded from hanging out with people that are used to these views. But this was more... this was more than postcards, this was more than advertisments, and this was more than I could've expected. So get a cup of coffee and put on some pretty music. May I suggest this SONG (one of the musicians from the conference)

The horses were still like statues. 

This has not been toyed with, these are the actual colors made my nature. 

I only took this because I feel it makes a funny statement. If each family member is represented by a wooden figure, I see the dad as being a bit lower on the totem pole. 

These crazy critters are everywhere and even though you want to run up and hug them, keep in mind that when I opened the car door to do so they started running at me. I don't think it was because they wanted to be embraced. 

This is a story about a poet who made a deal with the devil that he could win in a poetical dual. The devil lost and therefore had to leap off the cliff. This is the cliff. 

The white center on this map is said to be a hub for aliens to meet up. Right in front of that is the place where the devil jumped off the cliff. I think this is a bad place to build a house. 

      You are a part of this now too... just by reading. I hope you continue to join me in this journey.

More to come...

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