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Friday, July 17

Hidden People

Iceland is "known" for a number of things that are whimsically ethereal;

Sigur Ros: Bjork:
Hákarl: Rotten Shark Meat

And Trolls- When I asked about the tale of trolls I was told "They are called Hidden People". There are dozens of articles, podcasts, books, and films about the belief of the hidden people in the mysteriously beautiful landscapes of Iceland. "I think it's something we feed to tourists" - one man said when asked at our hotel. So that night I went out by myself to the dock. It was 1AM but was as bright as the late afternoon. I am not going in with any preconceived notions of fantasy esc. creatures going on this trip. And given the amount of attention the world wide press gives to it, I am just turned off all together from asking more than a small handful of people if they "believe" (on a side note, no one said no).
Back to the dock: I was taking a time lapse and i kept hearing someone running up to me. You know that scuffing sound your feet make when they are on the cement? So I would look up quickly and pretty freaking scared. Nothing. This happened well over a dozen times and I even pretended to keep taking pictures to see if I could catch what ever the noise was. The thought came to me "oh my god, the hotel manager said this was the town where the hidden people live, they are pissed I am up so late." So I ran back to my hotel like a goat on fire.
So all to say, I am not sure if there are Hidden People in Iceland but I can tell you. They don't give a care if I believe or not.

Good Night.

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