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Thursday, June 11

Halló :: Bless

Hello :: Goodbye in Icelandic

Rumors are true: flights are booked and hotels are reserved. Wilma's Wish Productions is on our way to Iceland starting June 16th.

Up to this point, we have been updating events and thoughts that are leading up to Iceland and less about our ideas and findings. This is because we were so set determined to get enough money together to do this film ourselves. Through our conversations with people, we get a chance to hear questions that people are asking. Every dialogue pushes us forward; it is a breathing filmmaking process.

On June 2nd, Eileen and myself (Bria) met with acclaimed Icelandic poet Ingibjörg Haraldsdóttir (Inga) and her daughter in a therapeutic clown's home. With fresh coffee and open ears, we were able to learn, oh much more, about conditions Icelanders face and their reactions. Stories of artists, protestors, Pots and Pans Revolution, determined folk, hardship, and citizen revelery circulated around our table. In three hours, we experienced people; an empathy that is and was absent in our seven months of reading and research. This shows an importance of being there.

side note: Untitled 1 from Sigur Ros' ( ) is now playing (music player is on shuffle)

We will meet with Inga again on this trip. In our conversation, she said something that stuck with me. I asked her if she still writes poetry. Her response was "It's not practical right now." In the resonance of her words, I see in my head a quote I read once, "In all cultural epochs of the past, economic circumstances have determined development of art as a whole and left a distinct mark on it."


A woman is missing who/left home in days of yore/scantily clad, with flaming/fires in her eyes

"Nú eru aðrir tímar"
"Times have Changed"
Ingibjörg Haraldsdóttir

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