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Friday, June 19

Bean boobs

Eileen just burped, breaking my long-built up concentration...

Everybody slept hard. We tried to be the responsible ambitious production crew by waking 7:30 in Iceland to get a pep in our day going. 8:30 rolls around and we rolled back into bed. Healthy alert bodies are important, no? I think the hotel puts some sort of sleeping air in our ventilators; our sleep was so deep and wonderful. I think for 8 hours, I didn't move, resulting 8 lbs of my magnificent skull resting on the joint of my jawbone. Oh tender left cheek for the rest of the day.

As soon as I wake up again, I get an email from the Icelandic Film Council. We have a meeting in two hours. So we assemble and take a 20 min bus into the capital to meet this well-dressed man. He advised us and cautioned us of individuals. He gave us a series of networks for us to build off of. Now we have a big ol' list of phone numbers to
call tomorrow. Eileen and I went to find Steve on the coast, where he was willingly abandoned to capture some time lapses. He got the type of moving footage that makes you realize how pretty nature really is, if you frame it and speed it up just a tad.

We went to the house where Regan began peace talks with Gorbatsjov at the beginning of the Cold War. Slice of irony, no?

We come across a great cafe that had images of women with coffee bean boobs. We get used to the downtown, see some graffiti, and then attend a lecture at the Rekyjavik Art Museum. We listened to Christopher Patrick Peterka and it got our idea engines rolling. Being here gives us vita: a juice for our creativity, our ideas, and philosophies on how to roll on. Some main ideas that resonated: crisis and change are one and together; creative people are the future; grassroots discussions with the goal of larger accomplishments is the best model instead of large systems implementing; don't plan to the bone, just go. Shut up and surge.

My hair will be blonde for when I get back; sunshine all the time. It rotates all around the Icelandic sky.

On a concluding and practical note: for those who will travel at some point

to Iceland: pack warmly
anywhere: pack dried soup, food, jerkies, cookies and granola bars if you can! they are lifesavers (thank you eileen)

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